MasterCraft ProStar 205V

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

Proven Winner
Minor refinements compliment this classic.
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Waterski Waterski

WSM: Why should you buy this boat? How is it better than others in its class?
MasterCraft: It is the best-selling boat in the inboard industry, as far as I know. That is validation, but basically it?s the most versatile boat we have. It?s based on the previous 205 hull, which is the best-selling boat over the history of MasterCraft. This new hull has a smooth wake with the weight in the back. It?s a really good barefoot boat because it runs about 48 to 50 mph. The curl is deep and clean. It?s on a USA Waterski world record-capable hull. Having the engine in the back opens it up to a whole new group of people such as potential stern-drive owners. The layout of the 205V gives the interior-conscious person another option instead of having a direct-drive. It?s the tightest-turning, best-performing, best-skiing V-drive we have. When people look at the potential of owning a MasterCraft ski boat, this boat gives them the ski-boat mentality without having an engine in the middle of the boat. I think it?s an obvious choice for a lot of people ? people who are looking at their first inboard or people who are moving up from a direct-drive. We can?t build enough of these.
What are you most proud of?
Its overall performance. It?s really versatile from our standpoint. It appeals to the broadest range of people out of any boat in our product line. You can take this boat out and ski behind it, and its performance would be every bit as good as a direct- drive. The hull is that good. It?s also the same hull we use on our world-class wakeboard boat (the X-Star). With the X-Star, we add a ballast system, a tower and a killer stereo. It?s about as good of an all-around ski boat as you can get. It?s the best boat we make.
It goes back to performance and skiability. This X-Star wake is the best wakeboard wake out there. Period. Riders will tell you that. Zane Schwenk is the guy who came up with the V-drive notion on this boat. This is a wake that no one is able to duplicate. There are bigger wakeboard boats, but we are all about the wake on this one. So, not only do you get the X-Star wakeboard wake but if you want to slalom ski you have a record-capable hull.
Any improvements for this model this year?
This boat has the fewest changes of any in the line. It has a new three-piece sundeck, the two-year gelcoat warranty, a spiced-up instrument panel and steering wheel. New vinyl and foam, the rear sundeck, the Masterview seating driver system, and new geldrip decals are also additions. The platform is now solid with two grab cutouts on the back. The trailer has been upgraded with torsional suspension and brake lights as well as backup lights.
Super Specs
Length 20 ft. 7 in.
Beam: 90 in.
Fuel capacity: 33 gal.
Seating capacity: 10
Test prop: 14 in. OJ 4-blade
Test engine: Indmar TBI 5.7L VRS 310 hp Predator
Base price: $38,520
On the Water
Top speed 45.5 mph 4,700 rpm
Accel. to 22 4.91 SEC.
Accel. to 36 7.45 sec.
Accel. 30 to 36 4.03 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 63.5 D, 61 R
22 mph 81 D, 88 R
36 mph 84 D, 90 R
A fair choice for the serious slalom skier. Wakes are a little hard at 34 mph but are totally manageable for the beginning skier at 30 mph. Isn?t designed for skiing the course or shortline slalom, so don?t be surprised at its below-average tracking ability. Spray is not a factor until 35 off. This is best for the recreational slalom family who enjoys multiple disciplines on the water.
Same hull as the ever-popular X-Star, but tower and Triple KGB weighting system are optional. More than generous storage gives riders the opportunity to stash sacs in the forward in-hull ski storage as well as on both sides of the engine, resulting in a nearly flawless wake. Drivers have it as good with smooth acceleration through double-ups.
Chill Factor
This boat exudes the features that set MasterCraft apart. The driver?s area is a model of efficiency in layout and comfort ? everything is at your fingertips, including a remote control for the waterproof Clarion CD/ stereo system. The Masterview seat is standard for the driver, while the passengers can enjoy the plush, wraparound seating. With tons of storage in the boat, it can accommodate all-day ski trips without cramping your style.
This instant classic took the long-proven hull of the famed Mastercraft 205 and transformed it into the comfortable V-drive cruiser. The 205V takes the skiability and handling agility of a direct-drive with the room and comfort of a stern-drive and blends them as nicely as we?ve seen. For comfort this is pure MasterCraft luxury with a huge three-piece sundeck, plush wraparound seating, a deep bow section and the driver?s seat with noticeably ideal ergonomics. While it is a quick boat with good punch out of the hole, you?ll have to get the LTR engine option to hit the 50-mph speeds the manufacturer spoke of. There?s plenty of power for barefooters, and, of course, for wakeboarders it has the famed X-Star wake.


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