Slingshot Launches Big Shot iDrodisk

The iDrodisk is a high-performance inflatable capable of a variety of watersports.

Just in time for summer, Slingshot is excited to announce that the Big Shot iDrodisk is now in stock and ready to join you on the water. At five feet in diameter and four inches thick, this inflatable disc is so much fun that we’re labeling it “the best boat and beach accessory since a cooler full of ice-cold drinks”.

The iDrodisk is a multi-purpose inflatable made from cutting-edge DropStitch technology. It blends the classic activity of tubing with rugged and high-performance modern construction for a high-tech take on good-old-fashioned fun. Whether you’re gearing up for a full boat and a lively day on the water, a float down a mellow river on a hot day or just an afternoon lounging around the beach or pool, this multi-purpose inflatable disc is a sunny day accessory you won’t want to leave home without.

Slingshot iDrodisk
Meet Big Shot iDrodisk- a high-performance leisure inflatable. Slingshot

• Super durable. Same construction as Slingshot’s inflatable paddleboards


• Rolls up tight, pumps up firm, lays flat

• Cushy- won’t ding you, won’t ding your boat

• Safe for kids, fun for adults. A toy everyone will enjoy


• Integrated handle hook for hands-free towing

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