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Ready For Launch

We put the versatile, easy-to-tow Sea-Doo Spark to the test against one of the world's busiest waterfront cities to see just how much of Miami it can cover in one day.

Versatile, lightweight, easy to maneuver, towable without a truck: the Sea-Doo Spark is pure entertainment in a fun, flexible package. To show just how easy and low-maintenance the Spark is, we set up a road trip around Miami, one of America’s busiest cities. We spent the day navigating the trailered Spark around, over and through the Magic City, towing it through the tightest spots and launching it in as many boat ramps as possible.

See the Spark cruise around North Bay Village, the skinniest stretches of South Beach, the crowds of Coconut Grove, and postcard-perfect Key Biscayne, capturing Spark-front views of the city along the way. Few – if any – will launch their PWC a half dozen times in one day, but “Ready For Launch” shows just how easy it is to do with the lightweight, versatile, easy-to-tow Spark.

For more info on the Spark, visit: sea-doo.

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