Spring Fishing Tackle Prep

Prep your fishing gear for the season.

Spring Fishing Tackle Prep
Spring Fishing Tackle PrepTom Schlicter

The holidays are over, and a new fishing season is just a cast away. Prep now to be ready to roll come opening day.

Make Cents
Don't lose trophies to dull hooks worth pennies. Sharpen all lure hook points now and replace any fish stickers that show rust.

Get Fresh
Structure lovers, like largemouth bass, stripers, grouper and snook, thrive where dicey bottoms wear on your lines. Trim 30 feet off the braid to start with a fresh lead. It's best to replace any monofilament lines entirely.

Catch Fish, Not Cotton
Ratty guides slice lines. Check for chips or grooves, and inspect footers and wraps. Rub a cotton swab around the inside of each guide and replace any that catch fibers.

Top Box
Assemble specialized lure boxes for your favorite species. Each small, see-through plastic box should include just four to six lures selected to address color, size and working depth.

Drag Cleans
Use a dish detergent and a little lube to scrub all reels and ensure drags function smoothly. Drags that stick after lubing require tackle-shop inspection. Expect a two-week turnaround.