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April 9, 2016

Many boats have canvas enclosures, and some boats may not windshield wipers, which is why you want to treat your windscreen with a water-repelling agent. The trick is to use the right product so you don’t damage anything. For instance, traditional water-repellants for glass will pretty much instantly damage plastics, while products designed for plastic won’t do much more than smear glass.

Star brite View Guard
Star brite View Guard Courtesy Star brite

Luckily, Star brite has figured it out. Rain View is an industry-first; a product designed to cause water to sheet off glass in order to enhance forward visibility even under very wet (think “mild monsoon”) conditions. Easy to use; just spray on, allow to dry to a haze and then wipe up haze. The treated surface will repel rain and spray.

Got clear plastic enclosures? Use Star brite Clear Plastic Polish to create an invisible barrier that will keep water from remaining on the treated surface, yet contains no harmful acids that could damage it. If the plastic is hazed or yellowed, start with Clear Plastic Restorer to restore the clarity.


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Star brite Clear
Star brite Clear Plastic Restorer Courtesy Star brite
Star brite Clear Plastic Polish
Star brite Clear Plastic Polish Courtesy Star brite

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