SeaDek Dek Magic Test

We send grimy, six-year old coaming pads to the showers.

SeaDek comes in many forms and is common aboard boats of just about every description. You’ll find it on sportfishing convertibles and watersports boats; big cruisers and center consoles; runabouts and performance boats; flats boats, bass boats, pwc and more. SeaDek is durable, attractive and can be installed by DIY boaters and professionals alike. I’m a big enough fan of the stuff that, when it came time to replace my traditional, old-school, upholstered coaming bolsters six years ago, I installed coaming pads made by SeaDek.

The SeaDek pads have held up great aboard my center console fishing boat, which is stored uncovered and in the water for seven months per year. It has weathered well and still hardly stains at all when assaulted by spilled drinks, fish blood, grease and more as long as that’s taken care of reasonably soon. In all, it looks great and is easy to own.

But I got to tell resists deep cleaning by most of the concoctions in my arsenal of maintenance products. I’m talking about the deep grime that just seems to build up on all sorts of boating surfaces over time. So I called up and asked for a test sample of SeaDek Dek Magic.

One of my better moves. The result - as the video shows: It is totally worth buying this specialty product. I do use household and hardware store products to maintain different areas of my boat. But for SeaDek, I recommend Dek Magic.