Three Different Aids for Backing Your Boat Trailer

Different aids to help you trailer a boat.
Trailering aids
High- and low-tech options make backing up your trailer much easier. Courtesy Draw-Tite, TowGo, Rearview Systems

So, you’re new at backing your trailer, and practicing in the driveway isn’t making you better at it. Most frustrating is aligning the hitch ball with the trailer coupler; it seems you’re always just a couple of inches off and forever getting back in the truck to move forward, backward or sideways just a bit. Not to worry—technology is here to help. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in backup camera with good visibility, here are three aftermarket solutions to help you with your aim.

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Alignment System

Pros: How simple can it get? For the non-tech-savvy, two telescoping posts come with a high-visibility yellow ball on the top of each and a magnet at the bottom. Place one on the hitch just in front of the hitch ball and the other on the coupler, and back up. When they touch, you’re aligned. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and takes up little space in the car.

Cons: May not work on all hitches and couplers; accuracy takes some practice.


Price: $35;

TowGo Trailer Backup Navigation Aid

Pros: This sophisticated setup helps you to back up your trailer using a steering-wheel-mounted input sensor, a hitch sensor that mounts on your trailer hitch/trailer connection, and an app on your smartphone. Sensors compute how much you’re turning the steering wheel, and the app shows your trailer movement in real time. Arrows indicate how abrupt or gradual your steering-wheel inputs will make the trailer turn. More of a backing aid than a hitching aid, it can help even the most frustrated newbies back up their trailer.

Cons: Cost, installation complexity, and application.


Price: $400;

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Rearview Systems Safety Wireless Hitch Camera System

Pros: Inexpensive and easy to install and use, this simple system features a small 100 percent waterproof camera with magnetic base and 9-volt battery power, and a remote 3.5-inch color monitor that plugs into the 12-volt socket on the dash for easy viewing. The camera’s features include six infrared lights for night vision, and 70 feet of viewing capacity. It’s tech at an affordable price, with easy mounting and hookup.


Cons: May have to get creative to mount the camera because not all bumpers and vehicle fascias are metal.

Price: $209.99;