Wakeboarding Hall of Fame Nominations Open

Submit a nomination for a chance to win a collector’s item Liquid Force wakeboard.

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame (WHF) announced that its 2021 nomination period has officially opened and each person completing the nomination application will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a collector’s item wakeboard. Anyone interested in nominating a worthwhile candidate can make the nomination until June 30, 2021 by following the step-by-step instructions located at

Applicants that submit a nomination will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for one lucky winner of the Liquid Force 25th Anniversary Trip model wakeboard.

A Liquid Force 25th Anniversary Trip model wakeboard is up for grabs
Submitting an application enters applicants into a drawing for a Liquid Force 25th Anniversary Trip model wakeboard. Courtesy Liquid Force

Mike Weddington president of the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame said, “We’re excited to have the nomination process open to the public. Applicants are encouraged to nominate those that have made a significant contribution to wake sports in any one of our Athlete, Innovator or Lifetime Achievement categories. We’ve worked many hours to develop a better nomination process and we’re certain it will be a smooth and pleasant experience. Plus, we’re extremely grateful to Liquid Force for donating a limited edition 25th Anniversary Trip wakeboard which we’ll use to encourage public nominations.”


To avoid duplication, applicants are asked to review the current Hall of Fame members at before making a nomination. The nomination form will require supporting materials including a minimum 150 word biography, three top career accomplishments (25-125 words each) and to also provide supporting documents such as images. Applicants should be prepared when they start the nomination process by having their research including the top three accomplishments written ahead of time. A sample form can be downloaded here.

Rider jumping wake on a Liquid Force wakeboard
Liquid Force wakeboard in action. Courtesy Liquid Force

In February, the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame signed a memorandum of agreement with the World Wake Association (WWA) effectively bringing the two groups together. The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame will be on display at WWA competitive events this summer.

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame currently includes well-known wake sports’ members such as Scott Byerly, Herb O’Brien, Shaun Murray, Tony Finn, Parks Bonifay, Walt Meloon and Darin Shapiro just to name a few.


The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is managed by its Board of Directors including life-long wake sports veterans who have pledged to honor wake sport’s iconic history including its most influential participants and contributors and to preserve the legacy of wake sports for generations to come.

Anyone interested is encouraged to visit where they’ll get more information about the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame mission, its current members, entertaining archived content and how philanthropic contributors can make an annual tax-deductible donation that will one day lead to a museum enshrining inductees and housing wake sport’s most historical memorabilia and artifacts. For more information, contact the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame at

Wakeboarding Hall of Fame nominations are open
Nominations are open until June 30, 2021. Courtesy Wakeboarding Hall of Fame

About the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame’s mission is to honor and preserve the history of wakeboarding sports and to celebrate its pioneers and innovators while displaying significant artifacts for admirers to view and commemorate, both digitally and in physical locations. The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame was established in 2014 by industry visionaries that saw a need for honoring and preserving the history wake sports. In 2017, the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame received IRS non-profit 501(c)3 status as an educational institution with a tax-deductible designation. Donations are encouraged