Teague Custom Marine Introduces Teague Shine

Teague Shine makes cleaning easy while offering UV surface protection.

Teague Custom Marine
Teague ShineTeague Custom Marine

Teague Custom Marine is offering a new cleaning product called Teague Shine. It's a polymer detailing polish spray that removes hard water spots, smudges, fingerprints, dust and light buildup and it offers UV surface protection. Teague Custom Marine president Bob Teague and company technicians worked with Bio-Kleen Products to develop the new protectant that is biodegradable and made in the United States.

The spray-on, wipe-off polymer formula can be used on boats, RVs and tow vehicles to create a quick, shimmering shine. It enhances the depth of shine while adding a microlayer of polymer protection. Water beads up and rolls off and with Teague Shine there’s never any streaking. It’s available in 32-ounce ($17.97), 1-gallon ($27.95) and 5-gallon ($95.97) containers.

Bio-Kleen Products is based in Kalamazoo, Mich., and manufactures cleaning and detailing products for a number of industries.