Three Paracord Bracelets Compared

Fashionable and Functional

A few years ago, paracord bracelets came into vogue as survival accessories you could wear should you need a length of this thin, super-strong cord to get out of a jam. Since then, the bracelets have evolved to include all sorts of tools to help you in a time of need. Here are three bracelets to consider.

Three Paracord Bracelets
Holds a serrated stainless-steel bladeCourtesy Survival Straps

Survival Straps Para-Claw Survival Bracelet

Saving Grace: Unsnap the buckle to reveal a 1½-inch serrated stainless-steel hawksbill blade that's as good as any pocketknife. The paracord bracelet is military-grade 550-pound-test. It has the best knife of the three choices.

Possible Peril: It's not a good idea to wear this one through airport security.

Price: $49.95;

Three Paracord Bracelets
Has a built-in compass and other helpful survival toolsCourtesy

A2S K2-Peak Series

Saving Grace: This is equipped with a built-in compass and conceals an emergency knife, flint fire starter, and whistle to alert for help. It has 12 feet of 550-pound-test paracord to unravel if you need it for anything.

Possible Peril: The whistle produces sound to only 100 dBA.

Price: $9.99 for a two-pack;

Three Paracord Bracelets
Comes equipped with fishing gearCourtesy Gecko Equipment

Gecko Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet with Survival Kit

Saving Grace: It's basically a mini survival kit that includes fire tinder, a fire starter and a fire-starter rod; fishing line with hooks, floats, swivels and sinkers; and seven inner strands totaling 60 feet.

Possible Peril: The paracord is 350-pound-test, the lowest of the three choices.

Price: $14.99;