Three Seating Options For Your Boat

Upgrade your old worn out seats with one of these.

Whether you’re just looking to sit back and relax, add temporary seat space, or enjoy a more comfortable perch during those long hours fishing, seating options exist to match or even upgrade the looks and versatility of your boat. Here are three to consider…

The Classic Back-to-Back Lounger

Wise 8WD707 Deluxe Lounge Seat
The back-to-back lounge seat is a favorite in the limited space of smaller runabouts, often used in pairs or combined with a captain’s chair at the helm. Courtesy West Marine Courtesy Amazon

Boat designers have used the versatile back-to-back lounge seat for decades. It seats two passengers in relatively minimal floor space, provides a backward-facing seat for a spotter when towing skiers and board riders, folds completely flat to form a sun lounge, and even offers storage below. A quadruple threat.

Folding Deck Chairs

Wise 8WD119-710 Marlin Logo Folding Deck Chair
Not all folding deck chairs are created equal. Better models feature locking mechanisms to ensure the chair stays open underway and weight capacities of at least 300 pounds. Courtesy Amazon

Folding deck chairs are the perfect addition to many boats, whether they’re used to add temporary passenger seating to a center console fish boat during a family outing or give anglers a place to sit on a pontoon deck. Look for anodized aluminum frames that resist corrosion, molded plastic seat frames, and marine-grade, UV and mildew-protected vinyl over high-compression foam padding for comfort and long life.


Pedestal Mount Low-Back Fish Seat

Wise Economy Low Back Seat
Many available boat seats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, enabling you to match your current boat upholstery or upgrade your boat’s appearance. Courtesy Amazon

Low-back, pedestal-mount seats are a favorite fishing perch, offering much needed lower-back support during long hours on the water and folding flat when not in use so as not to obstruct the driver’s forward view. Look for the proper fasteners to secure the seat to most standard, four-bolt pedestal systems.