Tips for Cleaning Your Touchscreen

Use these five steps to clean your marine display.

Tips for Cleaning Your TouchscreenShurhold

1. Power Down
This will prevent unintentionally changing a setting. Also, check the manufacturer's manual to see if it recommends any specific cleaning or maintenance routines.

2. Mist With Water
A light misting of water helps remove much of the dirt and salt residue and prevents scratches later in the cleaning process; never use a hose with full pressure.

3. Wipe Dry
Use a microfiber cloth to dry the surface. For large displays, work from the top down quickly to prevent water spots.

4. Apply Detailing Product
Use a product such as Shurhold's Serious Shine ($17.98/14-ounce aerosol can) to polish and protect. It contains UV-light inhibitors and anti-static properties. It works on touchscreens, glass, frames, buttons, chrome, gauges, fiberglass and even your clear vinyl enclosure.

5. Lightly Buff
Use a second, clean microfiber towel to lightly buff the display, then flip the towel to its dry side and polish to a high sheen.