Tips for Pulling Electronics Cables Through Boats

August 10, 2015

Pulling wires and cables through boats in order to install marine electronics can be a pain. Especially if the rigging tube through which the cable has to go is more crowded than a commuter rail car at rush hour. After all, the tube is likely already housing control and steering cables, hydraulic lines, transducer cables and wires of all description. (Not to mention making a bend or two…)

Baby powder—talcum powder–provides lubrication without making a greasy mess of your wiring. It allows wire and cables coated with it to slide more easily past obstructions and around corners. Simply fill your palm with powder and then pull your cable through your hand before you pull it through the boat.

marine electronics cable installation tip
marine electronics cable installation tip 2

Bonus Tip: Use electricians tape to streamline connectors. By making a quasi-bullet shape, as shown, you make it easier for the connector to pass through a crowded rigging tube. This also protects the contacts of the connector.

marine electronics cable installation tip 3

Bonus Tip 2! Always pull a ” pull wire” or “messenger” through with your cable or hose or wire. You can see the well-aged messenger taped to the wire in the picture.( I first ran it about 12 years ago and have used it numerous times since) Make it long enough so that you can always have access to both ends and wont loose it if you use it: it needs to be twice as long as the run it serves. When done, just coil the ends and secure them to the wire bundle. Use nylon, polyester or other non-organic line.

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