We Test: Ratchet Jacket

As a replacement for the greasy, wadded-up rag you use to check engine oil with, Ratchet Jacket is an admirable replacement. Not for checking oil; for protecting your boat against chafe when using trailer tie-downs.

The Ratchet Jacket, "in action."Photo by Kevin Falvey

I slid a pair of bright, red Ratchet Jackets over the tie-downs securing my boat to its trailer. It stayed in place and did not impeded operation of the ratchet lever at all. Subsequently, I slipped a second Ratchet Jacket on and positioned it where the web strap crosses the gunwale. That worked , too. A flexible foam tube, Ratchet Jacket can’t blow-off on the road.

Ratchet Jackets are sold in sets of 3, 6, 9 or 12 starting at $15. ratchetjacket.com