We Test: Rite In The Rain Waterproof Pads

There’s always a need to write stuff down aboard a boat. Whether it’s a maintenance log, a list of fishing hotspots, a cruising diary, or a guest book, the need to write, comes with a need for pad or book that will not disintegrate when ( not if) if gets damp.

Rite In The Rain pads and notebooks come in a variety of formats and sizes, including bound and spiralRite In The Rain

Or, even wet.

Rite-on pads are made from a special paper that ensures the durability of your written entries. I have used them for quite a while, and can recommend them to any boater desiring a pad or book that will live permanently aboard their boat.

Available in bound, stapled and spiral format, and in hardcover as well, they come in a variety of sizes and colors. $ 3.95-$29.95, rainwriter.com.