We Test: Sea Sucker Transducer Mount

Can suction cups hold? Submerged? At 25 knots?

We were out for a training session with Jim Auld, member of the Lowrance ProTeam. Our mission? Use the Lowrance HDS Gen 3 to find a wreck beneath the waters of Long Island Sound and make a custom chart of the area.

sea sucker mount

In order to mount the transducer without drilling holes in the transom of the boat for a temporary equipment installation, we elected to use Sea Sucker’s new transducer mount. Here’s what our project leader for this story, Capt.Chris Kelly, had to say:

This SeaSucker worked so well Jim had to pry them off the back of the boat--attached on top of bottom paint no less--to get them to release. They held fast at 25 knots. SeaSucker Rocks!!-

sea sucker mount

‘Granted this was not a long term test. We used the Sea Sucker mount for just one day. Still, we ‘d rate its performance as, “impressive.”