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By Jeff Hemmel | July 2023

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Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS running

The roots of Cruisers Yachts date back to 1904 and the Thompson Bros. Boat Manufacturing Company. Builders of iconic lapstrake boats, by the 1950s a second generation of the Thompson family would begin building outboard-powered, wood lapstrake cabin cruisers under the Cruisers Inc. name. Cruisers saw multiple owners over the ensuing decades, before developing the first of their modern yacht lineup, the 48 Cantius, in 2011. Defined by its premium comfort and livability, the Cantius series would ultimately expand to boats from 34’ – 60’. The GLS line, designed with an eye toward excitement and performance, would be added in 2019 and do likewise, and now includes models from 34’ – 50’. In 2021, MarineMax acquired the company to add premium, American-built yachts to its portfolio. Today, Cruisers Yachts continues to be built in the brand’s original home state of Wisconsin by a knowledgeable workforce, some of whom are fourth-generation boatbuilders.

Quick Overview

Cruisers Yachts are divided into two distinct series, the luxurious and spacious 34’ – 60’ Cantius lineup and the sporty and aggressive 34’ – 50’ GLS models.

Boat Types Express Cruisers; Flybridge Cruiser; Dayboats
Hull Types Fiberglass V-hulls
Average Length/Size Cantius express cruisers and flybridge in lengths from 34’ - 60’; GLS dayboats from 34’ - 50’
Fuel Types Gasoline, Diesel
Activity/Usage Types Recreational cruising, offshore cruising, entertaining, overnighting

Types of Cruisers Yachts

Cruisers Yachts produces two distinct lines, Cantius express cruisers and flybridge model from 34’ – 60’ and GLS dayboats from 34’ – 50’.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced in-depth reviews of numerous Cruisers Yachts. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and overall safety.

Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS running
Boat Test: 2023 Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS
The Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS is a beautiful dayboat with outboard power.
Cruisers Yachts 34GLS out cruising
2022 Cruisers Yachts 34GLS
This stylish beauty is ready to cruise with outboard power.
Cruisers 42GLS Outboard running
2022 Cruisers 42GLS Outboard
All the amenities for a weekend aboard, powered by quiet, easy-to-own outboards that allow access to...
Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS running shot
2020 Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS
A triple outboard-powered Cruisers Yachts model!
Cruisers Yachts Cantius 42
Cruisers Yachts Cantius 42 Boat Test
With its spacious, flowing layout and all the benefits of Volvo Penta’s IPS diesel power, this cruiser...
Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius
Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius
The Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius will keep the captain and crew enjoying the journey and the destination.

Cruisers Yachts Videos

Boating Magazine has produced a variety of reviews of Cruisers Yachts. Video adds another element to any boat review, allowing viewers to see and experience a boat’s features firsthand. Video reviews are hosted by Boating’s same expert editorial staff, enthusiastic boaters themselves who know what to look for in a boat…and how it will improve a viewer’s boating experience.

FAQs About Cruisers Yachts

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Cruisers Yachts, including the types of boats Cruisers makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Cruisers Yachts boat that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Cruisers Yachts offerings are divided into the Cantius and GLS series. Cantius models are known for their exceptional interior volume and include the 60 Fly, 60 Cantius, 50 Cantius, 46 Cantius, 42 Cantius, and 39 EC. GLS models target the midrange, luxury yacht market with fast, agile models including the 50 GLS, 42 GLS OB, 42 GLS I/O, 38 GLS OB, 38 GLS I/O, 34 GLS OB, and 34 GLS I/O.

Cruisers Yachts are built in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Cruisers Yachts use a variety of engines depending on the application, including Volvo Penta Inboards, Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS), MerCruiser and Volvo Penta sterndrives, and Mercury Marine outboard motors.

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Like any boat, basic maintenance, including washing and waxing the fiberglass hull, keeping compartments clean and dry, and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep a Cruisers Yacht looking and performing like new for years to come. Boats left in the water should have hulls cleaned yearly to remove marine growth; anti-fouling paint on submerged areas of the hull should also be applied. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including yearly engine service, to ensure reliable, safe operation. Factory-recommended service should be performed at an authorized Cruisers Yachts dealer.

All models produced by Cruisers Yachts can be used for family outings and overnights.

Cantius models stand out for their emphasis on comfort and space, and include multiple cabins, full-featured head compartments, and galley amenities including sinks, prep space, multiple cooking appliances, and refrigerators.

Though GLS models place more of an emphasis on performance, they also include multiple cabin options, head compartments and galleys, all of which combine for comfortable days and nights on the water with family or friends.

MarineMax, one of the largest and most recognizable retailers in the marine industry, acquired Cruisers Yachts in 2021 to fill a gap in their existing brand lineup. Cruisers Yachts will maintain its existing dealer network and be offered in select MarineMax locations.

Cruisers Yachts are available in the United States, Canada, and multiple international locations. Find your nearest Cruisers Yachts dealer here

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