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By Rick Shackleton | June 2023

Here you’ll find Formula Powerboats reviews, and other content related to the value of Formula Boats, produced by by the editors of Boating. We’ve assembled articles, photography and video in one place for you to take advantage of our staff’s almost 200 years of combined boating experience.

Formula 387 CCF running offshore

Formula Powerboats offers a long history of quality and performance to go along with its innovative models. Boating, founded in 1956, has been covering Formula since its beginnings in the 1960’s. We know Formula Boats better than just about anybody. A leader in the refinement of the deep-V hull, the boatbuilder possesses a racing heritage that shows itself in the ride of Formula bowriders, center consoles, and cruisers. Family-owned, Formula Powerboats takes individual care of its customers, building boats to suit rather than offering a mass-produced inventory. Today, Formula Powerboats offer great value–for a premium price whether you, the boat buyer, are seeking a boat powered by outboards or sterndrives, and ranging to 50 feet in length.

Quick Overview

Formula Powerboats builds bowriders, crossover bowriders, center consoles and cruisers to the highest standards. These may be powered by outboards or sterndrives, depending upon the boat buyer’s choice and the model desired.

Boat Types Bowriders, Crossover Bowriders, Cruisers, Performance Cruisers, Center Consoles, Yachts
Hull Types Deep-V hulls for performance and rough water ability.
Average Length/Size Formula builds boats in a variety of sizes, from 24 to 50 feet.
Fuel Types Gas or diesel sterndrive engines or by gas outboard engines.
Activity/Usage Types Formula Boats are primarily used for waterskiing tubing and wakeboarding, but they are also great for entertaining, such as beach ferries or as transport to weekend and summer homes. Crossover and Sun Sport models offer cabins with cruising amenities for sleeping, bathing and cooking.

Types of Formula Boats

Formula builds boats in a variety of sizes, from 24 to 50 feet. At any length, a Formula boat is a pleasure to operate, since it delivers a great ride even in rough water and excellent response to throttle and wheel. Its craftsmanship and top accessories evoke great pride in ownership. Specific activities Formula boats are used for include watersports, daycruising, entertaining, overnighting and extended cruising.

Boat Tests & Reviews

At Boating, we have been testing Formula Boats for decades. We have worked personally with Formula designer John Adams, and other experts at Formula, plus our contacts at engine and accessory companies, in applying our own expertise and experience in bringing you these boat tests. We think you will find them valuable for researching your next boat purchase.

Formula 457 CCS on the ocean
Boat Test: 2024 Formula 457 CCS
The 457 CCS delivers a combination of performance, luxury, versatility and great opportunities for owner...
Formula 290 Bowrider running on the lake
2024 Formula 290 Bowrider
The 290 Bowrider pairs eye-catching styling with sporty performance.
Formula 387 CCF running offshore
2023 Formula 387 CCF
Formula’s first center-console shows a surprising level of fishy sophistication.
Formula 270 Bowrider running
2023 Formula 270 Bowrider
The 270 BR features a great build, ride and finish.
Formula 500 SSC in the ocean
2022 Formula 500 SSC
The 500 SSC provides fun and luxury for dayboating with as many crew as you’d likely take along.
Formula 380 SSC running in the ocean
2022 Formula 380 SSC
The 380 SSC is packed full of excitement and versatility.
Formula 380 SSC OB running offshore in emerald water
2020 Formula 380 SSC OB
The outboard-powered version of a popular model.
Formula 380 SSC running shot
2020 Formula 380 SSC
This hot ride has several places on deck that make a great social hotspot.
Formula 270 Bowrider running shot
2020 Formula 270 Bowrider
Formula always produces boats of excellence, and the 270 Bowrider is no different.

Formula Boat Videos

Boating prides itself on producing the best boat videos for its audience of boat-buying friends, fans and followers. Enjoy and learn from the videos our experts produced in this section.

FAQs About Formula Boats

Formula Boats offers many unique features, and more importantly, a unique blend of features and heritage, for boat buyers to consider. Check out the FAQ!

Each and every Formula hull is and has been, designed by the noted designer, John Adams. Each hull is rooted in the tradition of blue water racing that Formula forged decades ago. Specific unique features–just a few of many–include the FAS3Tech hull form; the way in which Formula aligns the screw heads on accessory installations; painted graphics, rather than stickers, look better and last longer; its variety of arches and swim platforms; and its use of Ilmor racing engines and equipment upon customer request.

Formula boats range from about $175,000 for a 240 Bowrider to $3.5 million or more for a 500 SSC. (*2023 prices)

Formula builds a range of boat types and sizes. The two primary connecting factors in this diverse fleet are the race-bred handling and ride and the top-quality craftsmanship.

According to our sources at Formula, the 350 Crossover Bowrider is the most popular model that they build.

Yes. Better than most boats due to their high-quality and limited production.

A well-cared-for Formula boat can last decades and become a family heirloom. The engines will have been replaced on such boats.

Formula boats are not lightweight, nor are they especially heavy. Their weight, like their other characteristics, is designed to work with a given model’s mission and performance expectations.

Formula boats are generally built to a higher standard and in lower numbers than other craft of similar size and intent. Comparison shoppers should look at Chris-Craft and Cobalt when shopping for many Formula models. Formula’s center console models compare well with those made by Boston Whaler, Tiara, Pursuit and Intrepid.

Features such as Imron hull graphics, chrome-plated stainless metals and overall excellence in design, build and assembly make Formula boats easier to maintain than most boats.

Formula Boats are manufactured in Decatur, IN.

Yes. The 37-foot center console models are excellent for inshore and offshore fishing.

Yes, while you can ski, tube and enjoy other watersports behind any Formula model, the 24 to 35 foot models make these activities easier.

Formula’s CBR series, the Crossover Bowriders, can be used for overnight or weekend cruising, depending upon your crew and the specific model.

Formula Sun Sports can be used for extended cruising, perhaps spending a week or more aboard.

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