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By Jeff Hemmel | March 2023

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Invincible 46 Pilothouse running

The search to find a tough, fast, and smooth-running center-console fishing boat led Alex Lipworth to found Invincible in 2006. An avid saltwater angler, Lipworth worked with renowned naval architect Michael Peters to design Invincible’s Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull. That hull continues to form the foundation of Invincible’s four-boat center-console lineup. In 2016, Invincible added a catamaran line of center consoles to their offerings. Today center-console models include Open Fisherman models in lengths from 33’ – 43’. Catamaran-hulled, center-console boats range from 33’ – 46. Invincible also produces a 46’ Pilothouse Catamaran for those that need weather protection or the option to overnight. All Invincible boats feature outboard power in twin to quadruple-motor configurations.

Quick Overview

Invincible currently produces a variety of saltwater fishing boats in both traditional V-hull and catamaran styles. Primarily center consoles in sizes ranging from 33’ – 46’, a pilothouse version is also available.

Boat Types Center Console, Pilothouse
Hull Types Fiberglass V-hull, Fiberglass Catamaran
Average Length/Size V-hull Center Consoles from 33’ - 43’, Catamaran-hull Center Consoles from 33’ - 46’, 46’ Pilothouse Catamaran
Fuel Types Gasoline
Cost of New Boats Priced near the top of the market compared to other similar boats
Cost of Used Boats Priced near the top of the market compared to other similar boats
Activity/Usage Types Saltwater Fishing, Dayboat/Overnighting (Pilothouse), Yacht Tender

Types of Invincible Boats

Invincible builds a line of V-hull and catamaran-hulled boats designed for serious anglers in saltwater environments. V-hull center consoles include the Open Fisherman in 33’, 36’, 39’ and 43’ lengths; center-console catamarans in 33’, 35’, 37’, 40’ and 46’ lengths; and the 46’ Pilothouse catamaran. All are powered by outboard motors in single to multiple configurations.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced in-depth reviews of over 10 Invincible boats. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and overall safety.

Invincible 33 Catamaran offshore
2024 Invincible 33 Catamaran
The 33 Catamaran is a formidable fishing machine.
Invincible 46 Pilothouse running
2023 Invincible 46 Pilothouse
The 46 Pilothouse makes long-range fishing comfortable.
Invincible 33 Catamaran running in the ocean
2022 Invincible 33 Catamaran
The 33 brings a spacious deck, soft, solid ride, and professional-grade fishing features together in...
Invincible 46 Catamaran running off the beach
2021 Invincible 46 Catamaran
A quad-powered high-performance fishing catamaran.
Invincible 39 Open Fisherman at anchor
2021 Invincible 39 Open Fisherman
The 39 Open Fisherman is easy to fish, steady on the water, and quick to the fishing grounds.
Invincible Boats 35 Catamaran running shot
2020 Invincible Boats 35 Catamaran
The 35 Catamaran offers a smooth ride and hardcore fishability.

Invincible Videos

Boating Magazine has produced a variety of reviews of Invincible boats. Video adds another element to any boat review, allowing viewers to see and experience a boat’s features firsthand. Video reviews are hosted by Boating’s same expert editorial staff, enthusiastic boaters themselves who know what to look for in a boat…and how it will improve a viewer’s boating experience.

FAQs About Invincible

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Invincible boats, including the types of boats Invincible makes, where they’re produced and how to find an Invincible boat that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Invincible builds center-console fishing boats in both monohull and catamaran-styles from 33’ – 46’, designed for the serious angler. A pilothouse-style 46’ catamaran is also available for those that need weather protection or overnighting capability.

Invincible is headquartered in Opa Locka, Florida. Invincible’s line of V-hull and catamaran fishing boats are also produced in Opa Locka.

Invincible uses outboard motors from both Mercury and Yamaha, in twin to quadruple configurations.

Yes, Invincible boats are easy to maintain. Like any boat, basic maintenance, including washing and waxing the fiberglass hull, keeping compartments clean and dry, and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep an Invincible boat looking and performing like new for years to come. Boats left in the water should have hulls cleaned yearly to remove marine growth; anti-fouling paint on submerged areas of the hull should also be applied. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including yearly engine service, to ensure reliable, safe operation. Factory-recommended service should be performed at an authorized Invincible dealer.

Invincible boats are designed for serious anglers and offshore conditions. Hulls are designed to be rugged, smooth and fast. Center-console layouts enable 360-degree access to the boat’s perimeter. Fishing amenities include livewells, insulated fish boxes, bait-prep tackle stations, and abundant rodholders and rod storage.

While designed primarily for fishing, Invincible boats feature creature comforts including U-shaped bow seating with backrests, coffin-box lounges in front of the console, comfortable helm seating, and various bench and jump seat configurations. The Pilothouse catamaran can sleep up to seven passengers and includes a forward berth with head compartment.

Invincible boats are available in the United States as well as internationally. Find your nearest Invincible dealer here.

How to Care for an Invincible Boat

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