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By Jeff Hemmel | March 2023

Learn more about Starcraft boats by viewing our extensive collection of boat tests, reviews and other related content. Boating-exclusive content is produced by expert, longtime boating enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of the boating industry. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or just research the brand, our content is here to help.

Starcraft SVX 230 IO running

Founded in 1903 in rural Indiana by Arthur Schrock, Starcraft originally produced durable, galvanized-steel rowboats before helping to pioneer early fiberglass models in the 1960s. Though the company has had multiple owners over the last 120 years, today the company is once again owned by a direct descendant of its founder as part of the SmokerCraft family of boats. And once again, built out of a factory in rural Indiana. Starcraft’s vast product line is one of the most diverse in the boating market. Offerings include:

  • Outboard-powered pontoon boats from 17’-28’
  • Outboard and sterndrive-powered fiberglass deck boats from 17’-23’
  • Outboard-powered aluminum-hulled fishing boats from 16’-21’;
  • And a variety of outboard-powered aluminum utility boats from 12’-19’.

Quick Overview

Starcraft produces a diverse collection of boats aimed primarily at the freshwater market, including pontoons, deckboats, fishing boats and utility models. Nearly all are available in multiple floorplans.

Boat Types Pontoon Boats, Deckboats, Fishing Boats, Utility Boats
Hull Types Pontoons, Fiberglass V-hulls, Aluminum V-hulls
Average Length/Size Pontoon boats from 17’-28’; Deckboats from 17’-23’; Fishing boats from 16’-21’; and utility boats from 12’-19’
Fuel Types Gasoline
Cost of New Boats Priced in the middle of the market compared to other similar boats
Cost of Used Boats Priced in the middle of the market compared to other similar boats
Activity/Usage Types Recreational cruising; wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing; entertaining; coving/sandbar; fishing; hunting

Types of Starcraft Boats

Starcraft builds boats to fit a variety of buyers, including pontoon boats from 17’ – 28’; deckboats from 17’ – 23’, fishing boats from 16’ – 21’, and utility boats from 12’ – 19’.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced in-depth reviews of over 30 Starcraft boats. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and safety. All to help readers and viewers make an informed buying decision.

Starcraft RX 23 R DC on the water
2024 Starcraft RX 23 R DC
The RX 23 R DC offers a plush, efficient ride.
Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC running
Boat Test: 2024 Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC
The Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC combines 360-degree fishability with family-boat comfort in a platform that's...
Starcraft MVX 230 Surf on the lake
2024 Starcraft MVX 230 Surf
The MVX 230 Surf mixes a fun, agile ride with many watersports capabilities.
Starcraft RX 23 R DC on the water
2024 Starcraft RX 23 R DC
The RX 23 R DC offers a plush, efficient ride.
Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC running
2024 Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC
The SVX 231 OB CC balances the needs of both anglers and family boaters.
Starcraft SLS 3 Q DH running
2023 Starcraft SLS 3 Q DH
A responsive ride at a nice price.

Starcraft Videos

Boating Magazine has produced a variety of reviews of Starcraft boats. Video adds another element to any boat review, allowing viewers to see and experience a boat’s features firsthand. Video reviews are hosted by Boating’s same expert editorial staff, enthusiastic boaters themselves who know what to look for in a boat…and how it will improve a viewer’s boating experience.

FAQs About Starcraft

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Starcraft boats, including the types of boats Starcraft makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Starcraft boat that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Starcraft currently produces a broad mix of models, designed for recreation, fishing, and utility use. These include the SX, MX, SLS, CX, CX Fish, EXS, EX, EX Fish and LX pontoon models; SVX IO and SVX OB deckboats; STX, Fishmaster, Superfisherman, Delta, Renegade, Storm and Stealth fishing boats; and Alaskan, Freedom, Patriot, SF, SF DLX and SL utility series.

Starcraft Marine is part of the SmokerCraft family. The company headquarters and factory are based in New Paris, Indiana.

Starcraft pontoons, fishing and utility boats are powered by outboard motors from manufacturers including Mercury, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. The SVX IO deck boat series features sterndrive power from Mercury Marine.

Starcraft offers a lifetime limited warranty on decks, tubes and transoms. A six-year limited warranty covers marine-grade flooring, as well as upholstery and vinyl on most models. Complete warranty information is available from a local Starcraft dealer.

Starcraft boats are easy to maintain. Basic maintenance, including washing and waxing/protecting fiberglass and aluminum hulls/pontoons, flushing engines after any saltwater use, keeping compartments clean and dry, and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep a Starcraft boat looking like new for years to come. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, including oil and filter changes, to ensure reliable, safe operation. Service should be performed by an authorized Starcraft dealer.

Starcraft’s deckboat series, including the SVX IO and SVX OB, are ideal for recreational watersports, including inflatable tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Mid-to-higher horsepower pontoon models are also suited to pulling tubes, skiers and wakeboard riders. Non-tiller fish boats are also capable of watersports duty.

As wake surfing takes place in close proximity to a boat’s transom, it is essential that the prop be located well under the hull to avoid the risk of injury. Starcraft does not currently offer a surf-specific model, but previous model years have included surf-safe, forward-facing sterndrives. Forward-facing sterndrives, offered from Volvo Penta and Mercury, are the only safe power choice for wake surfing. Never attempt to surf with a conventional sterndrive or outboard.

Tri-toons, or triple-pontoon models, offer greater stability, buoyancy and performance on larger, heavier, high-horsepower pontoon boat models. While twin-pontoon configurations are typical on smaller, lower horsepower models, Starcraft offers triple-pontoon performance packages on many larger, higher-horsepower pontoon boats. Triple-pontoon packages include not only a third, center tube to outer pontoons but many performance packages add lifting strakes and aluminum, underdeck shielding.

Starcraft has a long, freshwater-fishing heritage. Fishing series models are targeted specifically at anglers from hardcore to recreational and have all the necessary amenities including casting decks and live wells. Several pontoon models, as do multiple Utility models, also have a fishing-specific focus. Deckboats are also suitable for recreational/family fishing use.

Starcraft has dealers in both the United States and Canada, as well as internationally. Find your local Starcraft dealer here.

How to Care for a Starcraft Boat

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