Separ Fuel Filter Water Separator

The ability to backflush can extend service intervals and get you home in a pinch.

Note the fuel line connections on this Separ SWK 2000 series water-separating fuel filter I photographed aboard Cruisers Yachts Cantius 45. The input from the tank is on the left, lower than the output line to the engine on the right. If the filter clogs, you shut off the motor, open the vent on the top of the housing (not visible in this shot) and open the yellow drain valve on the bottom, being sure to capture fuel flowing out with a pan, a hose to a can, whatever. The fresh fuel on the top then backflushes the element of sediment and will likely get you home.

We still think it’s prudent to change filter elements. But we like options, especially when the nearest land may be straight down.

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