10 Essential Boating Items (You Might Never Have Thought Of)

Many small items can often make a difference while aboard a boat.

December 10, 2020
The dangers of boating unprepared can be scary
Boaters need to plan for seeing in the dark…and other things. Shutterstock

Recently, I spent an evening fishing aboard a friend’s boat, and in the course of events, I asked to use his onboard flashlight. “I don’t have one,” he responded. I was dismayed. This is a captain who is meticulous about his boat, but hadn’t thought to stash away a flashlight for a night trip.

I ended up using my phone—a poor substitute for a flashlight on a boat. But the experience led me to think about the small boat essential items on my boat that make a big difference in terms of convenience and safety during outings afloat, both day and night. I am thinking about gear other than the required safety equipment and other requisite loose boating accessories such a boat hook, deck brush, tool kits, firstaid kits, sunscreen, sunglasses, trash receptacle, etc.

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I made a list of some of the little things that can often make a big difference, each available for less than $10.

  • Flashlight. We’ve covered this. I carry two flashlights, as well as spare batteries for each. $8.99,
  • Gloves. A pair of gloves is handy in variety of chores, such as weighing anchor or handling a spiny fish. $2.97/pair,
  • Towel. A towel keeps your hand dry. Microfiber towels are gentle for wiping clear vinyl and sunglasses. $8.99 per set,
  • Notepad and pencil. Keep a pad and pencil to jot down reminders about maintenance chores and repairs. $8.79,
  • Bungee cords. An assortment of bungee cords helps secure items such as coolers or beanbag seats. $8.86 for 20 cords,
  • Scissors. Just about every boat has a knife, but scissors are quicker and safer for cutting line, opening packages, chunking bait, etc. $6.47/9″ stainless-steel scissor,
  • Zip-ties. Like bungees, but smaller, zip-ties can temporarily batten loose canvas or quickly repair a torn landing net. $4.99/100 pieces,
  • Cutting board. A plastic cutting board prevents guests from using your teak covering boards for chopping bait. $6.97,
  • Duct tape. Every boat should have a roll of duct tape for temporarily mending hoses or patching a tear in the canvas. $9.65/roll,
  • Ziploc bags. A box of quart-size Ziploc bags is handy for stashing away small items or fresh fish fillets in the cooler. $5.29/48 bags,

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