Glade Prospect Sunglasses Review

Glade Prospect Sunglasses stand up to extensive field testing by one of our crew.

July 8, 2021
Shallon Chapman wearing Glade Prospect Sunglasses while out filming
Glade Prospect Sunglasses get the job done while on the job or just relaxing. Jake Snider

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I ride quads. I boat. I camp. And I run…constantly. I work outdoors, and I play outdoors. I really enjoyed trying these Prospect Sunglasses by Glade, but I’m a tough critic. I earn a living as a videographer, who shoots outside a lot. I shoot with a Canon because I love the look of the footage.

I face a couple challenges in my work. First, I need sunglasses that don’t have extreme color on the lens in order to correctly color balance what I’m seeing in my camera. A colored lens could definitely mess up my shots. That’s why I really like the Forest lenses. They’re a nice neutral gray color that still works well when I put them on between shots. I put them to the test on a recent Lake Tahoe boat shoot.

Next, I need the lenses to be sharp, and these definitely were. There were no points during my shoots that I felt distracted by them. Their razor-sharp focus made it easy to go back and forth between looking through my viewfinder and the natural surroundings. It was an easy transition for my eyes.


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The last challenge I have, and I’m going to be honest, is that I’m pretty rough on glasses. Sometimes, I shoot video out on salt water, where it’s pelting me in the face. Other times, I’m in the extreme heat of the sun. And sometimes I’m shooting in heavy dust and mud. These glasses performed well in all areas and passed my many tests. After a month of wearing them, they’re still scratch free. They clean-up easily and come with a quality hardcase that I can throw in my backpack and go. They’ve traveled across the country with me and still look brand new.

Shallon Chapman wearing Glade Prospect Sunglasses while out running
The Glade Prospect Sunglasses remain in place while out running. Shallon Chapman

When I’m not shooting, I wear the Tortoise Rose Prospects. I love the way they feel on my face, and I’ve had problems in the past with glasses that fall off while running. Not the case with the Prospects. They fit snuggly and don’t allow for any movement, even while running on the beach. Perspiration and watermarks wipe off easily.


I will definitely continue packing these in my travel cases for upcoming shoots and running with them daily. I’m glad I finally found a pair that don’t distract me from what I am doing and compliment my work and personal activities.



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