2021 Boat Buyers Guide

Boating Magazine’s 2021 Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market. Find all of the new boat reviews, boat pictures and boat videos.

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2021 Boat Buyers Guide
Welcome to the 2021 edition of our Boat Buyers Guide! If you count yourself among the huge number of new boaters  who’ve joined the boating ranks, allows us to be the first to  welcome you to the water! You’ll find that Boating’s annual Boat Buyers Guide—while written by experienced boaters for experienced boaters—will prove invaluable to you too. This guide offers the information you need to compare dozens of boats in a variety of categories. Which pontoon is faster than the other? Which watersports boat under 22 feet seats the most crew? (Hint: “Passengers” passively ride buses; your crew takes an active part in your boating fun!) Which fishing boat comes with room for a larger fish finder? What about fuel economy and towability? Will it fit in my garage on its trailer? The answers to these buying questions and more are yours for the reading. Take advantage of it, and you will boat-shop with greater confidence. 
We’ll offer another word of advice here: Shop for your dealer too. A good dealer—one that’s reliable and straightforward, and has the ability to service the boat, its engines and accessories—can really change the complexion of boat owning experience for the better.
Welcome to the water!

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