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By Jeff Hemmel | July 2023

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Centurion Fi25 throwing a wave

Centurion Boats was founded in 1976, when founders Rick and Pam Lee produced the first of what would ultimately be many inboard ski boats built by the California-based manufacturer. Centurion brought the first V-drive ski boat to market in 1986. By the mid-‘90s, the product line would evolve to focus on the fast-growing wakeboard market, and later, embrace the meteoric rise of wakesurfing. Numerous innovations were introduced along the way, including computerized boat management systems, a side-exiting exhaust and various methods to both increase and shape wakes for the two sports. Today, Centurion is part of the Correct Craft family and continues to innovate toward its goal of producing the best waves, wakes, and ride with a nine-model fleet powered exclusively by PCM engines.

Quick Overview

Centurion produces nine models across three distinct series, including the 22’ Vi2221′, 23’ and 25’ Fi, and 23’, 24’ 6” and 26’ 6” Ri. With a strong focus on the wakesurf and wakeboard markets, all feature innovative hull designs, onboard ballast, and wake-enhancing hardware. Power is exclusively provided by PCM.

Boat Types V-drive Watersports Towboats
Hull Types Fiberglass V-hull
Average Length/Size Towboats from 21’ - 26’
Fuel Types Gasoline
Activity/Usage Types Wakesurfing, wakeboarding, recreational waterskiing

Types of Centurion Boats

Centurion’s current lineup includes three series of V-drive towboats aimed at the wakesurf and wakeboard markets. These include the classically styled Vi, as well as more aggressive Fi and Ri lines. All utilize Centurion innovations including the Opti-V hull design and QuickSurf wake-enhancing hardware. Boats are powered by a choice of engines from PCM Marine.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced numerous in-depth reviews of Centurion boats. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and overall safety.

Centurion Fe22 on the water
Boat Test: 2024 Centurion Fe22
The Centurion Fe22 offers full-on wakesurfing performance and numerous amenities in a more affordable...
Centurion Ri265 running smoothly
2024 Centurion Ri265 Warrior Edition Package
The Ri265 creates rideable surfaces with maximum push and a huge pocket for wakesurfers.
Centurion Ri230 running near shore
2024 Centurion Ri230
The Ri230 produces epic endless wakes.
Centurion Ri265 running smoothly
Boat Test: 2024 Centurion Ri265
Centurion’s Opti-V running surface preserves the smooth rough-water ride of a deep-V and produces world-class...
Centurion Ri265 running smoothly
2024 Centurion Ri265 Warrior Edition Package
The Ri265 creates rideable surfaces with maximum push and a huge pocket for wakesurfers.
Centurion Ri230 running near shore
2024 Centurion Ri230
The Ri230 produces epic endless wakes.
Centurion Fi23 running
Boat Test: 2023 Centurion Fi23
The Fi23 is an ultra-competitive watersports boat.
Centurion Fi25 throwing a wave
2023 Centurion Fi25
The Fi25 guarantees great action to go with its great seating.
Centurion Ri230 running fast
2022 Centurion Ri230
The Ri230 offers the ability to dial in the shape of wakes and waves.

Centurion Videos

Boating Magazine has produced a variety of reviews of Centurion boats. Video adds another element to any boat review, allowing viewers to see and experience a boat’s features firsthand. Video reviews are hosted by Boating’s same expert editorial staff, enthusiastic boaters themselves who know what to look for in a boat…and how it will improve a viewer’s boating experience.

FAQs About Centurion Boats

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Centurion boats, including the types of boats Centurion makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Centurion that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Centurion’s current offerings include nine boats focused on the wakesurf and wakeboard markets. They include the 22’ Vi22, 21’ Fi21, 23’ Fi23 and 25’ Fi25; and 23’ Ri230, 24’ 6” Ri245 and 26’ 6” Ri265. Featuring PCM V-drive power, all use a variety of methods to both shape and boost wakes, including onboard ballast tanks, transom wake plates and innovative hull design.

Centurion boats have been produced since 1976 at the company headquarters in Merced, California.

Correct Craft, manufacturer of Nautique boats, purchased a majority interest in Centurion Boats in 2015. The company continues to be headquartered and manufacture the Centurion line in Merced, California.

Centurion exclusively uses engines from PCM (Pleasure Craft Marine).

Centurion offers a limited warranty that includes lifetime coverage to the original purchaser that deck, hull and stringer system remain free from structural defect in material and workmanship; two-year coverage commencing on the delivery date to gelcoat; five-year or 500-hour coverage on Centurion-manufactured components except engine and transmission; three-year warranty on instrumentation parts and labor (two additional years on parts only), audio and electronics through vendor, marine carpeting, non-skid flooring, upholstery vinyl and stitching; 1-year manufacturer warranty on mooring cover and 10-year warranty on Sunbrella fabric; 5-year warranty on tower parts and structure; and 5-year warranty on Bimini structure/1-year canvas.

PCM engines are warranted for 5 years/600 hours.

Exceptions apply. For full and up-to-date warranty details, visit centurionboats.com.

Yes, Centurion boats are easy to maintain. Basic maintenance, including washing and waxing the fiberglass hull, flushing the engine (especially after any use in saltwater), and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep an Centurion boat looking like new for years to come. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, including yearly engine service, to ensure reliable, safe operation. Factory-recommended service should be performed at an authorized Centurion dealer.

Centurion exclusively targets the wakeboard and wakesurf markets, and their boats have a reputation for producing some of the best wakes in the industry. Innovations include high-capacity ballast systems, fast-fill ballast pumps and wake-enhancing transom hardware.

Centurion is sold in North America as well as countries throughout the world. Find your local Centurion dealer here.

How to Care for a Centurion Boat

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