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Scarab Open Wake 235 ID versus Wake 235 ID

Center-Console vs. Bowrider

Is a center-console or a bowrider better for your boating style? We tested each from Scarab in an effort to help you decide.

Boats are a reward we give to ourselves. Boats afford us the means to create happy occasions with friends and family on the water. Boats deliver an escape from the humdrum, whether off the coast or on a lake. But what type of boat is right for you? Pontoon, runabout, fishing and cruising boats are all highly popular these days. Buyers who lead with their heart may find disappointment. Do your research and let Boating help you find your perfect watercraft. 


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Starcraft SVX 231 OB CC running

2024 Boat Buyers Guide

Welcome to the 2024 edition of our Boat Buyers Guide! If you count yourself among the huge number of new boaters  who’ve joined the boating ranks, allows us to be the first to  welcome you to the water! You’ll find that Boating’s annual Boat Buyers Guide—while written by experienced boaters for experienced boaters—will prove invaluable to you too. 

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Types of Boats

For every type of boater, there is a type of boat. Boating covers all the popular designs and models, including Pontoon, Runabouts, Fishing, Cruising, High-Performance, Water Sports, and Personal Watercraft. Are you interested in a boat for your lake house? Ask yourself if you want to tow wakeboarders or if you want to cruise around the lake during sunset — that’s the difference between a pontoon and water sports boat. Search through our different boat sections for your favorite style of boat.

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Boating How-To

Keeping your boat in running order takes time and effort. Knowing the rules of the water and how your boat performs takes skill. That’s why Boating offers boaters DIY projects, seamanship tips and how-to articles to improve their boat and boating lifestyle. Having trouble with a fuel gauge? We likely have the answer. Uncomfortable with anchoring in deep water? We can help there too. Check out our entire boating how-to section today.

Boat Reviews

Before buying a boat, consider checking out Boating’s extensive collection of boat reviews. The reviews cover all the most-popular boats from well-known boat builders. The boat reviews range from brand new to a couple years old, appealing to anyone buying a new or used boat. Boating is an expert authority you can trust while conducting your boat buying research.


Marine Electronics

Comparing the electronics available today to those from a decade ago is pretty eye opening. The technological changes in just 10 years means today we have better sonar, multi-function display units, night vision technology, and boat camera security systems than ever before. Boating updates you with the latest electronics from the top manufacturers each month.

Boat Engines

Each year, different engine manufacturers introduce new outboards and inboards to the market. For anyone not following along closely, you could easily miss the latest offerings from Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki, Seven Marine or Honda from year to year, not to mention Volvo Penta, Indmar Ilmor and Yanmar. No longer is the 250-horsepower engine the pride of the offshore center console fleet. Today, twin, trip or quad 400-horsepower motors are more common than you think. If you want even more horsepower in a single outboard engine, that’s available too. Check out the latest engine options for your boat.

Ilmor One Drive

Ilmor One Drive

Ilmor’s One Drive is jam-packed with updates that allow it to produce smooth power and offer new tech capabilities.