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By Jeff Hemmel | March 2023

Learn more about Sea-Doo personal watercraft and boats by viewing our extensive collection of tests, reviews and other related content. Boating-exclusive content is produced by expert, longtime PWC and boating enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of the boating industry. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or just research the brand, our content is here to help.

Sea-Doo FishPro Trophy 170 running out to fish

Bombardier introduced the very first personal watercraft in 1968, a twist on their Ski-Doo snowmobile line dubbed the Sea-Doo. Over 50 years later, the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) Sea-Doo brand is known for a stylish, broadly focused mix of models aimed at a variety of riders. These include the recreationally-minded Spark and GTI; performance-focused GTR, RXT-X and RXP-X; watersports-ready Wake series; fishing-specific FishPro lineup; and adventure-oriented Explorer Pro. In 2022, Sea-Doo expanded outside the PWC market with the introduction of the innovative Switch pontoon boat series. The unique craft, featuring a configurable floorplan, was named the 2022 Boating Magazine Boat of the Year. All Sea-Doo models are powered by jet propulsion engines from BRP-subsidiary Rotax Marine.

Quick Overview

Sea-Doo currently produces 15 models of personal watercraft and three styles of pontoon boats, all powered by Rotax four-stroke engines. PWC are divided between Rec Lite, Recreation, Touring, Performance, Tow Sports, Sportfishing and Adventure categories. In sizes ranging from 9’-12 and featuring 60 – 300 horsepower, they’re well suited to a variety of recreational activities, including cruising, watersports and fishing. Switch pontoons are available in lengths from 13’-21’, Rotax engines from 130 – 230 hp and three levels of trim, Base, Cruise and Sport.

Boat Types Personal watercraft, Pontoons
Hull Types PWC: Fiberglass and/or polypropylene/glass fiber composite V-hulls

Pontoon: Polypropylene/glass fiber composite tri-hulls
Average Length/Size Personal watercraft from 9’ - 12’

Pontoons from 13’ - 21’
Fuel Types Gasoline
Cost of New Boats PWC: Priced comparably to similar personal watercraft on the market
Pontoons: Priced lower-than most comparable pontoons boats on the market
Cost of Used Boats PWC: Priced comparably to similar personal watercraft on the market
Pontoons: Priced lower-than most comparable pontoons boats on the market
Activity/Usage Types Recreational cruising; performance riding; racing; freestyle; wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing; coving/sandbar; long-distance cruising/camping; sportfishing

Types of Sea-Doo Boats

Sea-Doo builds a diverse fleet of both personal watercraft and pontoon boats. Personal watercraft include models designed for overall recreation, touring, performance, watersports, fishing and adventure riding. Pontoon boats feature a unique, configurable floorplan and are divided into base, Sport and Cruise models. Click through the tabs below to figure out which Sea-Doo watercraft may be right for you.

Boat Tests & Reviews

As the most trusted source of boating information on the internet, Boating Magazine has produced in-depth reviews of over 15 Sea-Doo models. These tests are conducted by an expert staff made up of true boating enthusiasts. Tests and reviews include not only performance testing and passenger amenities, but also dig deep into a boat’s construction, handling, and overall safety.

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx cruising
Boat Test: 2024 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx
The Spark Trixx matches a fun, sporty ride that's great for tricks with easy low-speed maneuvering around...
Sea-Doo RXP-X 325 rocketing across the water
2024 Sea-Doo RXP-X 325
The RXP-X 325 combines race-ready performance with a comfortable ride.
Sea-Doo Spark Trixx cruising
2024 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx
The Spark Trixx is packed full of playful personality.
Sea-Doo GTR-X rocketing on the water
Boat Test: 2024 Sea-Doo GTR-X
A watercraft that finds the sweet spot between performance and price.
Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170 running
Boat Test: 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170
All about range and enjoying the ride.
Sea-Doo Switch 13 Sport running
2023 Sea-Doo Switch 13 Sport
The 13 Sport mixes an agile ride with a versatile interior layout.

Sea-Doo Videos

Boating Magazine has produced a variety of reviews of Sea-Doo personal watercraft and boats. Video adds another element to any boat review, allowing viewers to see and experience a boat’s features firsthand. Video reviews are hosted by Boating’s same expert editorial staff, enthusiastic boaters themselves who know what to look for in a boat…and how it will improve a viewer’s boating experience.

FAQs About Sea-Doo

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Sea-Doo personal watercraft and boats, including the types of craft Sea-Doo makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Sea-Doo that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Sea-Doo currently produces an extensive line of personal watercraft models, with models focused on recreational riding, touring, performance riding and racing, tow sports, fishing and adventure.

Sea-Doo is headquartered in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada. The company currently produces Sea-Doo personal watercraft models in Mexico and Switch pontoons in Wisconsin. BRP’s Rotax engines are produced in Austria.

All Sea-Doo models, whether personal watercraft or pontoon, use four-stroke engines produced by BRP’s Rotax subsidiary in Austria. Recreational engines (60-210hp) are naturally aspirated. High-performance engines (260 – 300hp) are supercharged to deliver maximum performance.

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) warrants Sea-Doo models sold by authorized BRP dealers in the U.S. and Canada from defects in material or workmanship for 12 consecutive months from the date of delivery to the first retail customer or the date the craft is put into use, whichever comes first. The limited warranty is automatically transferred to a new owner if the craft is sold during the warranty period.

Both Sea-Doo personal watercraft and Sea-Doo pontoon boats are easily maintained. Basic owner maintenance, including washing and applying wax or protectant to exterior body surfaces and hull, flushing the engine (especially after use in saltwater), keeping engine compartments clean and dry, and cleaning and using protectant on vinyl surfaces will keep a Sea-Doo looking like new for years to come. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, including oil and filter changes,will ensure reliable, safe operation as well as increase longevity. Dealer maintenance and/or service can be performed at any of Sea-Doo’s worldwide dealer network.

Any three-passenger Sea-Doo personal watercraft and all Switch pontoon boats can be used to tow watersports riders as long as there is both a driver and designated spotter on board. All models feature tow hooks or tow pylons at the stern to secure towropes. Most personal watercraft models also feature handholds for a rear-facing spotter.

Wake models (Wake and Wake Pro) are specifically designed with watersports in mind. Both models include removable, retractable tow pylons, Ski Mode speed control with user-selected acceleration profiles and top speeds, and removable board racks that store boards to the outside of the craft and keep footwells free of clutter.

Though jet propulsion avoids a propeller in close proximity to a surf rider, riding any towable close to the stern of a Sea-Doo PWC or pontoon should be avoided as the powerful thrust exiting the jet pump can cause injury. Like skiing and wakeboarding, riding a wake-surf board is possible using a towrope if riders stay beyond the thrust zone.

Any Sea-Doo model, personal watercraft or pontoon, can be used for casual, recreational fishing.

Sportfishing models, including the FishPro Scout, FishPro Sport and FishPro Trophy include fishing-specific features including GPS fishfinders, coolers/livewells, rod holders, cutting boards/bait prep areas, and elevated fishing chairs.

Sea-Doo has a large dealer network in both the United States and Canada, and representation in countries around the world. Find your local Sea-Doo dealer here.

How to Care for a Sea-Doo Boat/PWC

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